Rice and Beans: Free coffee after Sake San Jose event

By James Bailon

Fun times and sake won’t be the only things brewing in Japantown for this year’s event. Roy’s Station on 5th and Jackson has announced that they are offering a free cup of drip coffee to all participants of Sake San Jose. Simply stop by after the event until 9PM and show them your wristband, and enjoy a hot cup of coffee before hitting the road or continuing your night in Japantown. Many thanks to Roy’s Station for adding a perfect finish to a night of sake tasting.

Roy’s Station Coffee and Teas is built on the historic site of a gas station run by Roy Murotsune and his brothers, from post WWII to 1990. The closing of the gas station left the spot mostly vacant, after years of being a Japantown landmark. The coffee shop has emerged to breathe new life into the location and is run by Carole Rast, daughter of Murotsune, and some of her family. They continue the spot’s tradition of fueling customers, this time with with a different source of energy, which includes coffee from Barefoot Coffee Roasters, tea from Teance, assorted pastries, and Japanese snacks from Tengu Sushi. Roy’s Station is open daily, and on May 27th will be serving customers until 9PM.

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